Invention Of Wings Injustice

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In a world where it seems like everyone is talking at once, it is hard to get a word in on anything, especially if you are disagreeing with those with the loudest voices. Some people are lucky to be able to be able to speak at all while the others are scorned or physically harmed for opening their mouth. In cases where injustice is rampant, it is necessary to fight against those who have power in either numbers or in influence. Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings, shows fighting for equality against generations of traditional discrimination is an arduous battle that requires action to combat, not passive wishing. Those who suffer from a lack of choice will usually find they have a lack of voice to protest what they believe is their injustice.…show more content…
When Sarah lost her dreams of being a lawyer as well as her later desires to become a wife, she felt that the only power she held was with prayer (Kidd). We are all more like this than we care to realize. Even though we may realize there is something wrong with the world, we stand back and hope for the best. We do this by prayer, or by social media’s ‘like if you wish for world peace,’ or by simply complaining to our peers about the tragedies in our time. These are not bad things to do, but they become decidedly unhelpful when we choose to not take further action. We end up simply content in our self righteousness that we know that something is wrong without caring enough to actually do something to lessen the problems we apparently care about. That’s what Sarah did initially, content to leave the matter in God’s hands until she realized God gave her two hands to help handle the matter herself (Kidd). She found barriers, yet she kept pushing forward to achieve equality for all (Kidd). She even realized when the people also fighting a similar cause were taking the wrong path in either the way they pursued their shared beliefs or how they dealt with her and her Nina (Kidd). That also seems to be a common problem in our day to day struggles. We will find people who think similar to us, but we are so against how they go about things that we are either abandoned by this group or we are forced to find our own path. The most common example for me is politics, people like me may want to be part of a party; however, the party continues doing disgusting things that makes me ashamed of even being remotely affiliated with said party. I end up going my own way after being told what to do in order to be part of that party. It was difficult, like Sarah I do not always have the support to go my own way, but I still do it (Kidd). Those who are independent by their thought and actions are the ones who
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