Inventions In The 1920's

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In the 1920’s an uncountable number of inventions were introduced into society that sprung the nation during its time. Society faced only a over all increase in every way possible. Many inventions were introduced during the 1920’s like the lie detector test, the radio station, and the invention of television. The radio in 1920 : The invention of the radio sparked the nation worldwide during the 1920’s in many ways. The radio helped people in world war 1 to send and receive messages. “the earliest of radio inventions were crystal sets, meaning they were difficult to operate and use. Later the development of radios during world war 1 helped sending and receiving of radio signals much easier.” During WW1 communication and broadcasting systems…show more content…
the invention of the radio introduced the people to different lifestyles and their way of living. “The movies taught people how to dress, talk and appear sexy.”Society clearly took an impact during the 1920’s and were influenced on how they talked and acted which changed society. The invention of television also helped the sports industry. The number of fans doubled along with the money brought in from entertainment. The Teams began to build stadiums which helped the sports industry tremendously. “The 19th century had admired its sporting heroes, but the mass media extended their reach, transforming local idols into national celebrities. Many cities built huge football stadiums and baseball parks. The number of Americans attending sports games doubled during the decade.” The sports industry impacted the 1920’s and clearly helped bring in fans and income towards the industry. The sports industry then led the newspaper industry to increase in production as well.“Ruth’s exploits filled newspapers and airwaves but failed to exhaust the appetite of American consumers for sports heroes and heroines.” The increase in production in the sports industry sparked baseball player Babe Ruth’s career which was the biggest sports headline during the 1920’s for newspapers which helped that industry as well. Clearly, the invention of television changed the lives of…show more content…
”The instrument typically used to conduct polygraph tests consists of a physiological recorder that assesses three indicators of autonomic arousal: heart rate/blood pressure, respiration, and skin conductivity.” These tests helped determine crimes and were mostly accurate which helped society keep the bad men off the streets making the nation. second, it took pressure off of detectives and officers during these crimes, instead of chasing people for the truth, they were given a simple test to determine what they were going to do with a suspect. “Pressure was laid off the crime industry which helped to decrease crime rates.” Clearly, there was a decrease in crime rates because of the lie detector test and more people were convicted. Crime rates were decreased because of the simple reason that people were afraid to commit crimes because of the test.“The test itself scared many people from convicting crimes which helped the crime industry tremendously. Clearly, the crimes went down in all ways possible which was very beneficial to society. Crime industries clearly experienced a decrease which helped the society in keeping bad men off the

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