Inventions Of Krishna In The Events Of Mahabharata

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One of the most notable interventions of Krishna in the events of Mahabharata is that of Arjun, at the beginning of the war. Arjuna was one of the Pandavas and also one of the greatest archers of the times. Arjun approaches the battlefield in his chariot driven by Krishna. Even though Arjun knew who his opponents were, yet when “Krishna halts their splendid chariot between the two armies, Arjuna saw them standing there: fathers, grandfathers, teachers, uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons and friends.” (Das 2010, Pg.90) who will be the victims to the carnage that he and his army propose to unleash. Arjun feels compassion and sorrow in his heart, super ceding his will to fight. He drops his Gandiva (Bow) and refuses to battle. Arjuna was tied between his Swadharma and Sadharnadharma. Which path to choose? If he chooses to battle following his Kshatriya dharma, then he would be killing all his loved and dear ones who he grew up with from his young age and incur a sin, but if he doesn’t then he would be forgoing all the unjustly acts committed by Kauravas towards him, his brothers, his wife, his mother and breaking his vow, which is also against dharma. Krishna intervenes and presents multiple arguments to resolve Arjuna’s dilemma. His first argument is to follow Kshatriya dharma and fight, second argument is provide justice by regaining from Duryodhana what was rightfully theirs, third argument is a little metaphysical where he tells Arjuna that the soul is indestructible and he

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