Inventory System Case Study

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3. PREAMBLE 3.1 Introduction Nat-ventory is an application that shall be used by the sales executives, sales manager and inventory manager which shall ease their work to perform the required task, to keep a track of the inventory management system. In today's business environment, even small and micro enterprise businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory management systems. The inventory firms operating in industries that feature high volume turnover of raw materials and finished products, cloud based storage system have emerged as a key component of business strategies aimed at increasing productivity and maintaining competitiveness. Inventory management is one of the key activities of business logistics, that has always…show more content…
To stay competitive, an online cloud based storefront shall be implemented to reach a wider customer base and maximize product turnover. The current scenario of inventory management tend to focus on inventory at the item level and to be reactive in nature, often seeking to optimize inventory performance at a single location at the expense of the overall system. The fluctuation in demand and supply of goods also necessitates the need for the cloud based inventory system. It also provides a cushion for future price fluctuation. The management of inventory is necessary for prevention of leakage, spoilage, deterioration, obsolescence. This aims at material handling, saving in material cost, increased production and larger…show more content…
A computerized system alone does not ensure accuracy and the inventory data is only as good as the data entry that is created in standalone system. The desktop based inventory application need to be installed physically on the desktop, hence more time is spent on installation and configuration. The maintenance cost of desktop based system are high, as the user owns the environment i.e., the database and the server in desktop based application. The existing inventory system normally uses online backup or a database to store data. Hence replication, encryption, patch management and backups of the data must be managed manually. Online database storage requires high bandwidth to access data, as the online backup is made over internet. The maintenance of the database in current system cost more and prior knowledge should be there to access database. Present system takes lot of time for installation of the application. The backup and recovery may not be that effective storage of data for the application. 3.4 Proposed

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