Sample Tracking And Inventory System Essay

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2.1 Introduction
This chapter will describe research on existing system carried out to bring some knowledge in order to produce a complete system. With the knowledge gained from few investigation; books, online materials, thus it is easy to bring up the system successfully. Mainly there are two reasons the inventory system is developed:
1. Key in data into database
The products details will be saved in the database thus this will ease the functions of modules; add, delete, search, update and retrieve a particular data.
2. Checking inventory
The system will allows the admin and staffs to check the inventory items in the database at their place itself. This can save their time and energy from getting down to the warehouse.
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 This inventory system will help to track new items added to inventory while tracking items used or removed.

2.2 Literature Review
2.2.1. Sample Tracking and Inventory System (STIS) Figure 2.0 Sample Tracking and Inventory System (STIS)

The Sample Tracking and Inventory System (STIS) is a simple, easy yet user friendly store inventory tracking system as shown in Figure 2.The system offers a host of feature for tracking and monitoring the track of where the items are stored. STIS designed with drop down list with example name, specification of the items in the warehouse, submission report, a field for key in notes, and amount of items in warehouse.

The strengths are shown in Table 2.0.
Process and functionality Users can use the functions of the system efficiently. The concept of the system are data management such as store, edit, and delete data. The system provides a flexible sample numbering system which can be customized.
Security level The system offers better login session for the system and authorized personnel only can be access to the

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