Inversion Table Exercise

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The Best Inversion Table Exercises To Try Right Now

To be completely honest, no one’s quite sure who invented inversion therapy. Poke around on the internet and you’ll find pictures of spinal-stretching contraptions that date back to the Hippocratic time of 460 BC. I’ll admit, a Hippocratic bench looks too much like a torture device, but an inversion table is a different story. They just look sporty.

In short, an inversion table uses gravity to decompress the spine and gently stretch the muscular system. The power of inversion therapy can be multiplied using simple exercises while inverted. Let’s take a look at some of the best inversion table exercises around.

The best inversion table exercises to learn
The body stretch
Starting with a moderate inversion angle, simply let your body elongate as gravity pulls on every joint and spinal link in your body. Let your arms fall limp above your head and breathe deep. Release all tension from your midriff and allow gravity to pull your internal organs towards your shoulders. Use this exercise for five minutes. Work your way up to 15 minutes as your body gets accustomed to being inverted. Although this is the most simple of all inversion table exercises, the relief it provides from back pain is significant.
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Ignore the coins falling from your pockets and simply do crunches just like you would do in a normal workout. Remember that crunches only require you to lift your head and shoulders several inches towards your knees. Save proper sit ups for another

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