Stereotypes In The Movie Invictus

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“I am the master of my brain, I am the captain of myself”, says Nelson Mandela. Invictus, a movie that brings out the right emotion towards the nation. This film shows the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela has putted all his effort in order to work together with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team to help unite their country. In this film has shown the newly elected President Mandela of how he cares about his country and finding the way to solve such a serious cases that keep remaining racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. But, there was one thing that he believed that he can bring his people together by making them all to attend the Rugby
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This was actually because the media has shown up that there is a strong South Africa counter-culture within the society which provides the representation of whites and blacks in the sense that the way they demands, the way they build up their wealth or even are they well-educated or not. With this has become the issues of stereotyping were deeply obvious and offensive that black South Africa was known as poor. Yet Nelson Mandela as the president of the movie in Invictus shows the mercy of how the people in South Arfrica should learn to forget that both blacks and whites had reasons of hardship, reasons to forgive and also in many cases they were actually facing the murderers of their loved ones just because of the color of the skin. Therefore, Mandela is portrayed as aunite and all the time he was actually struggling to gain up more justice and dignity to South Africa’s. In the movie of Invictus, there was a part where it shows raising great emotion as when the black and white members has the difficulty to worked together as a security for the President Mandela due to different opinion and the stereotyped mindset. Damon’s character act as Francois Pienaar, the team captain was shown up that how Mandela actually was held for those long years from the Robben Island and was released on February 11,1990, he was…show more content…
These is also some traits that we could see in President Mandela’s character that shows he’s a good leader in leading his nation. First, he was very humble that he pours the tea himself instead of being waited upon the tea lady. Second, he always being open-minded in the sense that he enjoys the tea, even though it is a British and not African custom. Third, Mandela was very polite of being kind, welcoming, respectful in terms of admitting that his job as rugby captain is nowhere near as challenging or important as President Mandela’s, and addresses his secretary as Mrs. Also to the others. Lastly, Mandela was a strong dreamer that he could see himself as president of a single nation, not two challenger races but wants to use his leadership skill to make South Africa a successful and unified nation. When you’re down, you have to get yourself up. Mandela believes that even though South Africa is a wounded society, it can pull itself up and unify. As a leader, Mandela did his job to show the citizens of South Africa how and why to do that. Mandela in the movie of Invictus shows that we can identify leaders by the traits they display and as the leadership by example is the foundation of leadership and young

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