Invisibility In The Invisible Man Essay

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Types Of Invisibility Present In Our Society
For some people, invisibility is a boon; for others, it is a loss of their identity in society. In the story, The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, two concepts of invisibility are discussed. One such concept is racism, where whites view the blacks as different creatures and are invisible to their eyes in the form of humans who are equal in abilities to them. Another form of invisibility is when the narrator decides to adopt invisibility to recede power from the white community. Invisibility is still relevant in modern society because of dominance/power, hatred/discrimination, and being afraid to express oneself.
Invisibility caused by dominance/power is one of the most significant problems in our
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Racism, a form of discrimination, dominated the world throughout the 1900s causing the deaths and ill-treatment of people based on the fact that they belonged to another race; People refused to accept others from another race as humans and were blinded by injustice that made the others invisible to their eyes. One big example is the Holocaust where Adolf Hitler and his Nazi troops set up camps to keep the Jews just because they were Jews. Several Jews died as a result and the ill -treatment of people started to become more popular around Germany. Aryans started to find Jews, put them in concentration camps, under gas chambers and torture them to death because they were Jews. Nowadays, however, racism has gone down and people have started to recognize other races as equal, but in some areas racism is still a hidden issue that is affecting a vast majority of people in the world. Another form of discrimination is where people are treated or teased about because of their economic social status. In the book Jane Eyre, Mr. Rochester 's guests make fun of Jane because she is an orphan girl who is working for her salary while the others are arrogant about the fact that they have lots of money (Jane Eyre Chapter 17). This form of discrimination is not acceptable, but still continues because there is a constant growing gap between the rich and the poor. The
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