Invisible African American Society

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"I think the black man in America wants to be recognized as a human being; and it 's almost impossible for one who has enslaved another to bring himself to accept the person who used to pull his plow, who used to be an animal, subhuman, who used to be considered as such by him-it 's almost impossible for that person in his right mind to accept that person as his equal." - Malcolm X The quote by Malcolm X is about how black man have never been recognized in the American society because of inequality and how invisible African Americans were in American society. The history of black man’s life in America started a very long time ago, in 1619 when African slaves people were brought to the North America. Since the beginning of the time…show more content…
It is true that police most of the time target minorities. For example, In Charles Blow’s article he talks about how George Zimmerman did not plead guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, and how unfair the justice system treated Martin’s Family. The first mistake was made when the neighborhood watch calls the police and told them about unusual behavior. When Zimmerman killed Trayvon, he said that the suspect was walking too slow, and it was a very suspicious behavior and he shoots him for the safety, but that was not a case ,it was more like a racial problem. In the Article Blow’s mentions “the system failed him” a lot of times, he expresses how disappointed he is about the choice of the justice system. The author mentions about how kids were thought not to run in public, however this case was different because Martin was walking too slowly, and it became a crime. The author also talks about the pictures they showed during the case, it was Trayvon without a shirt, and it was supposed to be helpful to prove that Zimmerman was not guilty at all, by showing pictures of shirtless Martin they thought that it would make him look bad and it was absolutely a wrong. Given, the advantages of black lives matter outlined in the previous paragraph, about how the unfair justice system is regarded to the black…show more content…
Stop and frisk became a very active since 1968 Terry v. Ohio, stop and frisk are used by police officers to stop the crime and bring back the justices and safe place, where people would walk outside without worrying about if anyone would shoot them, but since 2002 everyday a lot of people are complaining about stop and frisk, unfortunately stop and frisk became a major problem for society. According to the NYPD, individuals are frisked during the stop only if there is a reasonable suspicion of weapon, thought critics argue that reasonable suspicions is frequently eye of the beholder, but most the times police officers are the ones who violates the law. According to the stop and frisk statistic from NYCLU predominantly Black and Latinos are the major targets for the

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