Invisible Aligner Braces Research Paper

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Three Reasons Invisible Aligner Trays Are Ideal Braces For Teens Getting braces for your teen is a good investment in his or her dental health. Fixing dental problems early can save your child from complications and further problems as an adult. While your teen might not be thrilled at the idea of wearing braces, the idea is more tolerable if the braces are nearly invisible and comfortable to wear. Clear aligner tray braces, such as Invisalign, could the ideal way to improve your teen 's dental health. Here 's why they are a better choice than traditional metal braces. Your Teen Can Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Your teen can remove the trays when it 's time to brush and floss. This is much easier than trying to clean around wires and metal…show more content…
This allows your teen to enjoy all his or her favorite foods without worry of cleaning sticky foods off braces. While you 'll want to encourage your teen to eat a healthy diet, they can still indulge in candy or bite into an apple without problems because they remove the braces and then put them back in after eating. Your Teen Will Have Less Discomfort With The Trays One big problem with traditional braces is that they can get in the way when playing sports. If a ball or hand hits your child in the face, the metal braces could cause a painful injury, or a wire on the braces could break. Since there are no wires with aligner trays, they won 't cause pain when playing sports. In the case of physical contact sports, the trays can even be removed for a short time if necessary. Aligner trays are more comfortable during daily wear too, which helps with compliance in wearing them. Since the trays can be removed as easily as taking out a mouth guard, you may wonder if you can trust your teen to leave them in all day and night in order to get the intended result from the braces. If this is a concern for you, be sure to look for a brand that has a compliance dot on the trays. The blue dot gradually fades away when the trays are worn consistently, so you and your teen 's dentist will know if your teen has been wearing them as

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