Invisible Man And Racism

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Invisible Man written by Ralph Ellison is a book about an african-american man narrating the story of his life during the 1950’s as an invisible-man which is what he refers to himself as. The narrator remains nameless but gives great detail of his life story. The narrator’s life story goes from being forced to fight by a group of white men to receiving shock treatment after falling unconscious at his factory job. To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee is a book that consists of an american family during the great depression. The Finch Family comes across racism and mystery. Ellis and Lee both portray the lack of humanity that lies among racists in the books Invisible Man and To Kill a Mockingbird as well as the unjust treatment people of color receive but differ in how people of color react to racism shown towards them.
Humanity as defined by a dictionary is a kind and sympathetic attitude toward other people. Racism is a cruel and harsh thing that puts people in boxes and discriminates. Racism can be described as one of the worst traits that lies among humans. No one is born racists; society simply teaches us that change is bad and so is anything that is different. Discrimination is an atrocious thing and is something that can scar someone emotionally and question their self worth. Making someone question their self worth is something nobody should ever do. We are all made equal not one of us is better than the other and that is difficult from some to accept. At the
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