Invisible Stereotypes In Whistling Vivaldi By Claude Steele

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Invisible Threats in My Life Stereotypes have been causing issues that many people are unaware of and this was introduced to me thanks to Claude Steele’s “Whistling Vivaldi.” In this book, Steele conducts many experiments in his attempt to uncover the effects stereotypes and contingencies have on your performance and behavior. Stereotypes and contingencies can be based off of things as simple as age,gender,race, and etc. Steele’s research showed that the effects of these thoughts can cause stereotype threats and identity threats,both forces one the need to change their behavior in order to function properly in society(Steele,55). These threats can happen almost anywhere such as schools,groups,or even in your own home,but the worse of it all…show more content…
english because of a common stereotype that asians can’t speak english.Although I know for fact I can speak english fluently, but that is not enough to avoid stereotype threat. In my attempt to disprove the stereotype, I may end up “overefforting” by spending much more time on english, but not improving as much as I’m studying.(Steele,101) This could be very similar to the studying habits Steele found out about black students compared to the white and asian students. This will be one of the most important things I will do my best to not let happen in the future because I feel that I have slightly more control over “overefforting” then the rest of the threats, for it is something that I may be able to notice this is happening and try a few of the remedies Steele…show more content…
Speaking about self-esteem, the self-affirmation narrative is a good way to help rebuild your self esteem by yourself. Maintaining your self-image is a good way to keep yourself motivated to continue to put effort,but if this image gets destroyed then it makes it much harder to keep yourself motivated because you will have the thought that you can’t do it. The self-affirmation narrative helps rebuild the way you perceive yourself to be good and competent which is the ideal self-image you should have. Having a good self-image can help me build the confidence and have faith in myself to behave without restrictions and limits without worrying about

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