Invisible Strength In Amy Tan's Rules Of The Game

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If the way to be successful in life is self control and inner invisible strength would you do it ?
Amy Tan's Rules of the Game is a short story about Waverly Place Jong , a girl who became a national chess champion at age 10. Invisible strength is the self control of the mind. In the beginning of this short story, Waverly had no clue about chess and its rules, but throughout the story, her mother is constantly teaching her about the "art of invisible strength" with chess rules and knowledge. Waverly's mother uses the art of invisible strength as a "strategy for winning arguments, respect from others, and eventually.. chess games". Tan uses the symbol of chess to express the theme of invisible strength.

Amy tan expresses Waverly's life to be similar to a chess game with many rules and decisions. When Waverly had many questions about the
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Chess has many rules just like in life, and you need to use these rules to become successful in life. Waverly learns the rules of chess to become a national chess champion. Waverly and all women have an invisible strength inside them that helps them to be successful and have self control with many other benefits. Through this story , Amy tan shows that invisible strength can be used in life as well as in chess. She compares invisible strength with the rules of chess and on how to be successful in life. Waverly's experience with chess needed much of her invisible strength. Amy tan shows that invisible strength can be owned by a woman. Every woman has an invisible strength inside her. It's her mind and self control that can bring power to it. Invisible strength and chess is important because it's what guides Waverly to be successful in chess and her life. She learns how to play chess from a lot of trial and error but she improves over her time and ultimately with her hard work and knowledge of invisible strength and chess she becomes a national chess champion at age
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