Invisible Woman Vs Magneto Research Paper

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Once upon a time in the country of Winnizberg lived a man named Magneto and a woman named Invisible Woman. They were both super heroes and they both saved the village many times. No other super heros were as good as them so they got an idea to become a team. They both worked great together and they got more done than they ever have before. Everyone in the town was praising them and everything printed off in the news had to do with them. They continued doing even more great things like, stopping a tornado, and even one time they stopped a hurricane just to save one person! Every other superhero tried to be like them and team up, but no one could. The town even held a game that the superheros would do different obstacles and the last man and the last woman would become a team and try to beat Magneto and Invisible Woman. However no one even came close to them. So the town created a name for them… THE WHIRLWIND. The both of them were named that because many of times they changed the weather that no one had ever done before. One time when they were saving the village once again from a great storm they thought that they were going to die. So when they were in the midst of stopping the storm they stopped just to say how much they liked working together and even how much they liked each other. They felt so relieved to get…show more content…
Magneto and Invisible Woman were on a streak; they saved 30 lives and they continued to save others. Now Magneto really felt like he had the courage and the guts to ask Invisible Woman to marry him. They had been dating for two and a half years and it was a very healthy relationship. So when he did, she said yes with no hesitation. He was very happy but a little nervous, until he found out that it was normal. So when they had their wedding, everyone was invited from town and the ones they saved were also invited. They even got to somehow participate in the wedding. So it was the best wedding in town and no one could even compare to
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