Invisible Women Research Paper

565 Words3 Pages defines a hero as "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his large deeds and noble qualities. has two major flaws in their definition: the fact that a hero must be male and one with distinguished abilities. In our generation, children our obsessed with the Incredible Hulk, iron man, and superman who come to another 's rescue, risking their lives to save the average person. However, seldom do you hear about Jean Grey or Invisible Women who do just as much, if not more for their communities. Gender has nothing to do with one 's actions, but gender stereotypes still rule the marvel society. These characters may have been bathed in cosmic rays or exposed to nuclear chemicals, giving them their unique rescuing abilities,…show more content…
A hero is someone who consistently demonstrates great determination. Tracy went to the site of 9-11 for weeks after the attacks, filling in for those lost and searching through the rubble. Before she even traveled to the sight she knew "there was no one to be rescued." Yet, she continued to work all day, everyday, in the beating sun and suffocating contamination. Consider the sadness she felt going to the sight of an accident where she knew she would be searching through piles of dead bodies. Going back each day to find more and more. Consider the sheer determination and passion involved to endure that sadness strictly to bring closure to others. Fighting tears and fighting fear, demonstrating determination everyday, my Aunt Tracy truly embodies a hero. As one can see, both the poor man and the paramedic are just as much a hero as one another. Anyone who demonstrates selflessness and determination should be considered a hero. Whether you embody the stereotypical idea of a hero or exhibit the traits of one everyday, whether you help many or just one, whether you have all or none; anyone can be hero. Do what you can to help others. Everyone can be a hero and everyone should

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