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In September 2011 a big event happened in the United State in New York City, where 19 terrorists from al-Qaeda took the place of the people that are flying the plane and make the dead of 2,977 people in the twin towers because it collapsed in the towers ( From the day on the Muslim people are discriminated because they are cataloged that they are terrorists, they have to be separate from other communities, people don 't want them in the country and want to deport them. “In the “Invitation to a Dialogue: Being Muslim in America” Jenan A. Matari said that many people like her that are “diverse” have been tagged as the less important people and their rights and safety are taken away because they government and the people who are higher than them order it. This means that they were not accepted and also by the government because they…show more content…
Although, my plan will have some benefit, a lot of people will ask why should we listen to the Muslims and get to know their culture, after some of their people tried to attack the United States and we are part of it and they did not care all the people who died. However they don 't have to pay for whatever people from their culture did because all the people are not the same and it does not mean that they will do the same. You can 't categorize Muslims by the mistake of others, like you can 't judge a person or their religion for any mistakes that irresponsible people made. Is not hard to communicate with a new culture because we have been used to do it since, we live in a country where there is a diversity of culture. In the article The dream catcher said that “We would treat every person that we come into contact with a basic level respect and kindness.” This tells us that it doesn 't matter where a person come from if you have the opportunity to have contact with them treated good and not for their beliefs you going to reject them, because they have the same rights that you have to express

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