Ion Bike Analysis

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Some sub crews continue to run up the ramp towards the pathway of level two but being shot dead by the level two and three six-limbs men. Some crews lead by the captain climb up the frames of the chemical storage tanks with fast action, the level two and three six-limbs men just aim at them without shooting for they dare not. All the straight terrace level ending parts have a curve out to meet a vertical building near the tanks. They climb up to the same level of level-two's pathway, the tanks are just six feet apart from the pathway, yet they can't jump on it so easily because if they leave the tanks the six-limbs men will fire at them without hesitation. The distance between the tanks and the control room is a hundred meters. Three flying vehicles shaped like jet-ski ride by…show more content…
A lasso flies towards the captain's neck, he dodges but both of his arms tied by that rope and his gun fell. Since the pulling force is great he falls out the frame of the tank. A sub crew on the frame over the captain's previous position throws himself out to kick away the six-limb man out of the Ion-Bike in the air. His left hand grabs on the Ion-Bike and right hand grabs the rope fast trying to pull up the captain. But the Ion-Bike loops left a cycle and the captain swings high in the air and drops to the Ion-Bike and sits on the crew's back seat. The crew gives his laser gun to the captain and his two hands hold the Ion-Bike. An Ion-Bike control similar to a motorbike, only the up and down depends on your hand pull or push both lever handles. The other sub crews also throw their bodies to the others Ion-Bikes and seize them, one by one the six-limbs men fall to the ground. The crews know that because the upper body of a six-limb man has a pair of extra arms, so the center of gravity is higher than a normal person, it's easy for the six-limb man to lose balance and falls when being kicked on the upper
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