Ionia Fair History

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History of The Ionia Fair Grounds The Ionia free fair is a great attraction for not only Michiganders but people all over the US. With many attractions, food vendors, and famous appearances the Ionia Free Fair is one of the best sources for summer fun in Mid-Michigan. However the fair grounds weren 't always fairgrounds. In fact before Ionia was even formed there were quite a few Native American clans around that area including The O--wash-to-nong, The Quab-i-quash-sha, The Cob-moos-a, The Mish-i-min-econ, and The Pish-im-ne-con. One of the final chiefs in Ionia was Cobmoosa a popular Chief along the Grand River. A monument honoring him now stands near where his village stood on the present day Ionia Fair Grounds. Later Europeans began to settle in search of furs. The first Europeans followed the rivers inland to Mid-Michigan. The natives indians of Ionia began to see that trade with the europeans would be prosperous. The first documented trading camp in the area was established in 1796 by Madame Framboise. The Fair started in 1915 with a Ford car…show more content…
The Beach Boys were a first in 1985, another popular appearance was Ted Nugent in 1986. On June 6th, 1994 three bands showed Metallica, Danzig, and Suicidal Tendencies bringing in a majority of the days residents. There were many other Fair concerts throughout the years such as Def Leppard and The Blue Oyster Cult. Another appearance is Boots Randolph a Famous Saxophonist. Rides in the Ionia Free Fair change throughout the years but there are many rides that stuck. The most important rise of coarse is the Ferris Wheel or “Giant Wheel” as they call it. Another timeless kitty ride is their giant fun slide and the Merry Go Round. FAir Favorites include the Freak out, a pendulum-based fairground ride, the Zipper, the Swinging Ship (ship varies from year to year), and the Himalaya. There are various other activities such as bounce houses, bungee cords, and bumper
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