Ip Theft Case Study

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1) Please address the following as they pertain to Intellectual Property: What is Intellectual Property (IP) and how does counterfeit merchandise impact the U.S. economy?
What safety and health concerns are posed by counterfeit products?
How does IP theft pose an existential threat to national security?

Stealing is one of the oldest crimes on earth, you work hard for something and then someone comes overnight and takes it away without your permission. The stealing of property doesn’t involved money only, as people’s idea, their product design, or invention can also be stolen. This type of property is known as intellectual property, and stealing them could have negative impact on the persons and industries that develop them and also the country of origin. When companies in the United States creates or invent a new product, and that product does well on the market that becomes a positive situation. Jobs are created because of the increase sales, and the company’s revenue increases, which is good for the economy. Now if that companies products are being counterfeited, that means that sales the company should have been making are less, because people are buying the fake items on the black-market. This will negatively affect the U.S economy because the company will not be able to hire as many people, and the U.S
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The United States is estimated to have approximately 95,471 miles of shoreline. Keeping this shoreline safe is a huge task, as hundreds of ships that carry cargo from different countries, and small boats own by fishermen moves through the United States water on a daily basis. Shipping which involves export an import is a major part of the U.S economy and any disruption to these channels would cause serious economical damage. In order to keep the U.S shipping economy safe, and to protect homeland security, measures had to be taken by the U.S
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