Ipe Lumber Research Paper

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Why Should You Choose Ipe Lumber

This wood is brought to you from deep within a South American forest. It is a Brazilian walnut, which gives it is dark shade. Several people choose to go with ipe lumber over all other materials because of the amount of benefits that it brings. These benefits strongly outweigh your traditional lumber. Ipe is typically used in the outdoors.

Ipe is Sturdy

Ipe is one of the longest lasting lumbers you can buy for your outdoor projects. This is one of the number one lumbers chosen for decking as well. This is due to the fact that it is natural strong. Ipe lumber is also one of the hardest woods, and it is naturally resistant to rot, mold, weather, and any type of abrasion. Ipe is approximately five times stronger
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It is a natural dark brown almost like a mahogany. If this color does start to fade, which takes quite a few years, the color can be restored with a simple power washing. This way, you never have to buy stain again, or worry about putting in the labor of staining come every spring.

Ipe Has a Long Life Span

One of the best benefits to ipe lumber is that it rarely has to be replaced. On average the ipe you use can take your basic everyday wear and tear and last upwards of 25 plus years. For ipe that doesn 't encounter much use it can last even longer, with use of basic upkeep and cleaning your ipe can last as long as you need it too.

Comes In Various Lengths

If you are looking for a wood that comes in several different lengths then ipe is for you. If you are looking for pre grooved lumber, ipe comes in that as well. If you want it, ipe comes in it!

If you are planning on any type of outdoors project and want a lumber that will last as long as you plan on using what you build then ipe is the lumber for you to use. In addition to the above benefits, ipe also won 't break the bank, leaving you with more money to

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