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This essay is a reflection over English 131 taken at IPFW. This course (English 131) was very informative and helped me further my knowledge over essay writing, revision, and formatting. This paper is a critical analysis of this course and how it helps increase my skills within the writing criteria. Therefore this paper will identify specific points made within this class that helped me personally, to maintain my writing skills and helped me overcome specific challenges within this class. This class has taught me the steps needed to write a rhetorical analysis, and an argumentative essay. During my high school years while attending East Noble High School, I did not get the chance to explore different essay types. Mostly sticking to personal…show more content…
MLA format was something I had previously learned, but overtime forgot some of the main point within this format. Without knowing the proper use of MLA, it can cause you to loose points within this class. Now I feel more confortable writing papers in MLA because this class really helped me re-learn this format. Once we learned the proper way to format, we learned the proper way to find reliable sources within the Helmke Library Express Search. This is a resource used to help find credible and scholarly information. Without learning how to properly search for your essays topic, you could potentially get false information. That is why learning the how to use this was very helpful within this course. Within the subject of finding reliable sources, we also learned how to properly cite these sources found. When writing a paper, you need to find research that backs up your statement. This is where in text citations and work cited come into affect. We went over the proper ways to cite your sources and further build your argument or statement. Learning this is key when writing a paper because it helps the audience to understand and believe your points given in an

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