Iphone 7 Marketing Strategy

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Question: What are the strategies and marketing tools that Apple utilised in order make IPhone 7 one of the most globally sold products?

In order to answer this question, I will evaluate how marketing mix has been utilised for the seventh generation of Apple’s smartphone, known as IPhone 7. I will research how prices have changed throughout the release of each model in order to compete with other rivals (E.g; Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel). In addition, I will show how place has affected Apple’s sales as it’s more accessible to consumers. Lastly, I will provide information on how the IPhone 7 has motivated buyers to purchase their product and how promotion has improved Apple’s sales.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational
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Since Apple is a premium computer firm, they are less competitive with prices. They will only commence to decrease the prices after it launches a future generation product. They utilise skimming and premium pricing strategy. Apple utilised price skimming as it was initially sold at a high price when released at which the customer’s had to pay. The price was then lowered when the next generation IPhone was released (IPhone 6s/6s plus). This is done in order to attract consumers to keep purchasing their product, (www.priceintelligently.com). Apple utilised this pricing technique in 2007 where the enterprise reduced the price of the IPhone by $200 two months later it was introduced in the market. The intense 33% price reduction was caused as a result of high demands. Apple utilised premium pricing as they wanted to encourage favorable perceptions among consumers, regarding their price. This technique gives Apple the image of being a luxurious company, therefore, individuals are willing to purchase their product as it’s considered to be a representative brand. This can be seen with the IPhone 7, where the starting price was S$1048 after its initial launch,…show more content…
The online Apple store are also highly visible in countries where the Apple store or Epicenter isn’t available. However, Apple products are also bought in authorized retail shops such as Best, Courts, Expert, Euronics & Target. This improves the customer's accessibility to Apple’s products, making it easier for consumers to purchase an Apple 7/7 plus. Apple seeks to improve customer care, therefore, in any location that Apple sells one of their products, a customer care center is available. These centres main focus is to provide high quality services to A-customers that have faced issues with a product or staff member. This motivates the consumer to buy an Apple item as they are taken care of if any inconvenience occurs. In addition, Apple tries to fulfill the customer’s experience by providing them with benefits, by selling their products in Telecom centers. Such as: Singtel, M1 or Starhub. Apart from providing better services to a client, accessibility also improves as the IPhone 7 is bought in a location in which Apple doesn’t have a

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