Bob Jr Monologue

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Act 1
Scene 1 - Bob Jr. ’s Room
Bob Jr.’s -{Watching Youtube} Ugh, another ad. (Groans VERY loudly) ← Exaggerate if possible.
Iphone Advertisement- Presenting the all new Iphone 7, Bigger, bolder and better. This phone is the phone of your dreams.
Bob Jr. - That looks amazing! I want MUST have that phone!
Bob Jr.- {To himself} Okay, how am I going to convince Mom and Dad to get me this new phone?
Bob Jr. - Well, my birthday is coming up. I think that they’ll buy it for me. (Grins)

Scene 2 - Living Room
{Bob Jr. walks down the stairs}
Bob Jr. {To himself}- Okay, I just have to convince them.
Bob Jr. - Mom, Dad can I ask you guys for something?
Mom - Sure, ask away.
Bob Jr. - {Inhales and exhales} The Iphone 7 is coming out in a
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Bob Jr. {Quickly scrolls down} It’s a….4.00! DAD IT’S A 4.00! THIS COUNTS AS A 4!
Dad - {Sighs} You never cease to amaze me. You got your phone, we’ll pre-order it tomorrow.

Act 2
Scene 1 - School Hallway
Bully 1 - ‘Sup dude.
Bully 2 - ‘Sup, how was your summer?
Bully 1 - It was awful, parent wanted me to do my own laundry everyday. I mean who has to do that? I bet it’s only my parents.
Bully 2 - I know right? My parents had me sleep so early and wake up so early. I can’t stand them.
Bully 1 - By the way, did you know about that nerd in our class who got in the top percentile of scores for the state test?
Bully 2 - Oh really? The one with the glasses and is short? I heard about him.
Bully 1 - Yeah, that’s him. I heard his Dad who is filthy rich with his huge company and bought him a Iphone 7 a week back.
Bully 2 - I see where you're taking this.
Bully 1 - Yep, he better hope he has warranty on that phone.

Scene 2 - School Cafeteria
{Bob is about to get on line for lunch}
Bully 1 - {Pushes him off the line onto the floor} Oh, I’m so sorry.
Bob Jr. - No worries. {Gets up and tries to go behind}
Bully 2 - {Pushes him off the line onto the floor} Oh, oops, guess I wasn’t
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