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Apple iPhone X is the most prestigious and technologically forward smartphone ever made by Apple (figuratively speaking). What the brand did with the launch of the original iPhone in the year 2007, it has now tried to recreate the same with the 10-year anniversary edition, the aptly named iPhone X.

But if you are planning to buy one, let me remind you that other than a few obvious facts, there are a number of reasons why you should wait this one out and we'll illustrate our point in the following 10 reasons.

Back in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, it revolutionized the way people spoke and changed their perception about mobile devices. Ten years later, we are still talking about a path-breaking phone made by Apple. But is it
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Innovation is the key and the reason for such high pricing as well. Not good enough, Apple!

2. Some Flaws and Issues are Expected

With every first generation device, a number of flaws and glitches are expected and the iPhone X is no stranger to this. Yes, the iPhone X is a new product line-up in itself since it's a new product for the company.

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Since the time it has launched in the US, many users have been pretty disappointed with Apple offering fast charge with a dedicated charger and not as a part of the standard kit, as we have seen with most Android devices.

It's simple science. The iPhone X, just like any new device, will require a few iterations to be perfect. But as of now, the product is far from being perfect.

3. More Storage is Pretty Expensive

The iPhone X comes with a pretty amazing camera setup at the back, complete with 4K/60 FPS video recording capability. Despite the fact that Apple has included all new video codecs that will allow users to capture more pictures and videos in the same storage, the 64GB storage on the base variant will run out pretty

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