Ipic Theater Analysis

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I am a fairly frequent customer of the iPic Theater located in Bethesda Maryland, and to be honest I love it! I have been more times than I can count, during many different times of the day. Each time I go my experience is always consistent and pleasant. Their employees are kind and very helpful from the time you arrive, to the moment you leave. What makes this theater different is that they have not only basic movie theater seating (“Premium Seating”), but recliner chairs as well, that comes with a server, free unlimited popcorn (which is delicious), and a complementary blanket and pillow to use while watching your movie (“Premium Plus Seating”). Also, while watching a movie you may order food, non-alcoholic and/or alcoholic beverages from…show more content…
The setting and atmosphere of the theater is very clean, comfortable, and relaxing. The seating arrangements provide privacy and intimacy, while each person always have a clear view of the screen. Inside the theater the food selection is more so finger foods and snack like options, but if you are interested in a full course meal they have a dine-in restaurant in their lobby. Their alcoholic beverages are wonderfully made. I also enjoy being able to pick my seat when buying tickets. Lastly, their is very user friendly and easily navigated.

As for the cons with iPic; the food choices within the theater rooms are pretty slim and bland. I have tried a few things on their menu and I still have yet to find anything that I would be willing to order again. Also, iPic seats sell out extremely fast when new movies come out, so I don’t recommend for a movie night not previously planned. For a fairly new movie, I reserved seats at 9am for a 10pm show, and there were two seats left before being sold out. (With movies that are no longer new, walk-ins are okay.) Lastly, your bill can get expensive quick based on what you
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