Iqbal Masih Short Story

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Iqbal Masih The story Iqbal Masih was a strong force in the ongoing war against child labor. According to the Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih, Iqbal was born in one of the places where child labor was most common, Pakistan. His family, ended up selling him at the age of 4 to a rug business for just $12. Life for Iqbal was tough as a child slave. He was forced to tie knots into rugs in horrendous conditions, and being chained to his loom. He was chained to his loom, that means he was likely never given a break. Also, the video stated that Iqbal and the other slaves were given little food and water because their owners thought it would keep them small. Additionally, if he made a mistake he would be beaten! After that, there is a chance that he might be put in a torture chamber. This poor kid who is probably not even 8 is being put in torture chambers! However, what really upset Iqbal was the fact that he was denied an education. Finally, at age 10 Iqbal escaped this place, that was keeping him as a slave and was FREE! Iqbal finally was able to do what he wants and get an education! His battle against child labor The Freedom Hero video quotes that now that Iqbal was free, he wanted to end child labor. Then he started a verbal war against child labor, and did actions like speeches and many other things in countries such as the U.S.. He even brought companies with child labor working for them down and those companies began to close. Iqbal was an amazing speaker and moved many
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