Ira C. Herbert's Diary Of The Coca-Cola Company

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Herbert 1: Ira C. Herbert begins his remarks by explaining that the Coca-Cola company has come to the attention with the situation involving the Grove Press Inc. using the slogan, “It’s the Real Thing” to advertise the book Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher. Herbert is utterly demanding when it comes to suggesting to the Grove Press Inc. to advertise the book in a different manner, eliminating the usage “It’s the Real Thing”. For instance, in the letter, he defends possession of the slogan by establishing that the “company has made use of “Its the Real Thing” to advertise Coca-Cola long prior to the publication of the book, we are writing to ask you to stop using this theme or slogan…” (para 2). In other words, the Coca-Cola company is quite
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