Iran Contra In The 1980's

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Nicaragua and Iran were the two countries that came together and formed a scandal known as the Iran- Contra in the early 1980’s. But how did it all start? The group that started it is known as the Contras, that’s short for “counterrevolutionaries”. That is the label given to them as the terrorist rebel group that were effective from 1979 all the way to the early 1990’s. On the opposing side of the Contras, there was an antagonist group called the Sandinistas, a democratic socialist political party in Nicaragua. At the time, Ronald Reagan was president. He saw the Contras as anti-communists and wanted to find a way to support them. Reagan funded the Contras in Nicaragua because they were fighting a government that was immensely shaped by the communists. Reagan’s beliefs came from the Reagan Doctrine, which explains that it’s a strategy that is believed that is you support…show more content…
As important as the terrorist part of the scandal is, there is more crucial parts to this event in history that is relevant for today. It is relevant for today, because I don’t believe that America learned it’s lesson- I don’t know we ever will! America dealing with Iran and Iraq back then obviously had a lot of problems, but America today has many more problems that are getting out of hand. Some may be wondering why that is, but look at our rulers. Looking over the past Presidential reigns, we haven’t had a solid president since Reagan! Watching the recent Presidential debate, I was paying close attention to which president mentioned America’s past problems, where we went wrong, and how to avoid those problems again. Marco Rubio was the only one stood out to me, because he mentioned the Iran-Contra affairs and how our leaders could have took certain actions to prevent the whole scandal. I only mention the

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