Iranian Beauty Standards Essay

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By definition, an "ideal beauty trait" is a characteristic someone possesses that is adored by many people. Beauty can be studied in Culture, Social Psychology and Sociology. According to an online source, "the experience of beauty often involves an interpretation of some entity as being in balance with harmony and nature" and usually leads to "feelings of attraction and emotional well-being." Many of today 's girls seem to go through extreme measures to have "ideal bodies." Several people I go to school with don 't feel comfortable with how they look. People are putting themselves down because they don 't feel beautiful. I was curious about beauty standards and why they exist, and how tradition affects cultural beauty standards. I…show more content…
Paleness represented a higher social class because pale people wouldn 't be outside in the fields with slaves where the sun would darken their skin. Some People would use white paints to lighten their skin and even drew fake veins to appear lighter.
Many other Beauty Standards around the world have unique Ideals. In Iran, Many women cover their bodies and will only show their faces in public due to religious dress code and rules. The Iranian beauty standard is having a centered, dainty nose and neat eyebrows. Woman want what they are allowed to show off to look good, so they get nose jobs. Iran is known as the nose job capital of the world and Women often wear their surgical bandages proudly to show off their wealth in being able to afford surgery. Women in Thailand show off their wealth by wearing Brass hoops on their necks. The girls are given small hoops when they are born and continue to add more every year to give the illusion of a long neck. The hoops are most commonly Brass, but are a symbol of wealth when made of expensive materials. Eventually the heavy hoops become the support for their head since their neck is being constrained. These lengths are what many people want to go through to be considered

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