How To Irate Customer

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“It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one.” Whoever said this probably had a difficult time dealing with customers. In fact, the person may have suggest that every business takes quite a long time to develop and succeed and only in a matter of time, this can be lost. This is because, satisfied customers play an important role in a successful business as well as the services provided by the business. However, there may be a few instances where a customer may be displeased and discontented because he may have received poor service. If a problem has not dealt with immediately, this can lead to a decrease in customers and sales. Many employees, when faced with angry customers tend to handle the situation inappropriately. Thus, employees should know the ways to handle such customers in order to keep the business’ reputation. An employee can treat with an irate customer by considering the following the steps such as: understanding the customer, discussing the issue and resolving the problem.
The first step in treating with an irate customer is by understanding the
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Now that the customer is pacified, repeat the customer’s concerns. This will reassure him that he had the employee’s full attention. If the employee knows the exact cause of the problem, show would have a better understanding as to why the customer became disgruntled. Next, ask the customer a few questions in a caring and concern manner to clarify his situation. At this point, the customer’s anger would be reduced. After collecting information about the problem, present the best solution to the customer. If the customer does not seem to be fully satisfied, ask him for his opinions and what he feels should be done to resolve his matter. Then, inform the customer that his situation will surely be cleared up. Now that the customer has finalized on a possible solution, the employee must move on to the final

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