Irena Sendler Character Analysis

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For this essay, I have chosen to write about an important character. The character that I will be using is the main character of the film Irena Sendler. Irena was just your everyday average Social Worker, but she was a very brave person, she had the set image of the perfect role model that a lot of people couldn’t be like. Irena became the role model of thousands of people when her life was played out in a play called ‘Life in a Jar’. It was about Irena herself saving 2,500 Jewish children from their death by the German soldiers. When the play was released, she was admired by many people because of how saddening and beautiful it was, and how she, along with the help of a few others became the heroes of those little children they saved. She…show more content…
She had taken in the fact and reconsidered it many times, but she still went through with it. She put her life out on the line and managed to save the 2,500 Jewish children from the Germans. Her decisions changed her life, and so many others along with it. Her co-workers were some people who 're lives were definitely changed when Irena asked them one very important question. Were they willing to put their lives in danger to save the lives of Jewish children, children who weren 't like them? Irena and her friends were Christians, whilst the children were Jews. Yes, there were some people who backed out when they were asked, but there were the few that stayed and helped Irena conduct a plan that they used, and with this plan, accomplished a great miracle. Another example of Irena affecting other people 's lives is when she asked the Jewish mothers and fathers if they were willing to give their children to Irena so that they could live, so that they could have lives that weren 't corrupted by the Germans. But the problem lied between religion or survival, the parents of the Jewish children were stuck between choosing if they should let their children go, and in the process change their children 's names to Christian ones, and to live with Christian families, or to let the children stay with themselves for the pride of their

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