Irena Sendler During The Holocaust

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Per 3 During the Holocaust Irena Sendler was the leader of Children’s section in the Zegota (The Polish Underground Council). She also saved more than 2500 Jewish Children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto.
Irena Sendler was born as Irena Krzyzanowska February 15th, 1910 in Otwock, Poland. In Sendler’s lifetime, she was a Polish nurse, humanitarian, and social worker most important of those jobs was the social worker. Sendler used her papers as a Polish social worker to enter the Warsaw Ghetto and she made over 3,000 false documents to help Jewish families. That was all before she joined the Zegota. After she joined the Zegota the started to go into the Ghettos and actually smuggle children out herself. Sendler and her team of ten or so people, had
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First was a courthouse on the edge of the Warsaw Ghetto(still standing today) that Sendler would smuggle the children into and get out using underground tunnels. Second was an ambulance the children were smuggled out under a stretcher into the ambulance. Similarly to the last one they used a trolley and the children would hide in a sack or in a suitcase, etc. The final one was children could be taken out through sewer pipe or secret underground passages. Im saying this kind of nonchalantly but here 's a quote from Sendler describing how difficult it was to save the children “To save one Jewish child, ten Poles and two Jews had to risk death. To betray that same child and the family that hid him required only one informer or, worse still, one blackmailer.” Later Irena Sendler became the leader of the Children’s division of the Zegota. In 1943 the German Gestapo arrested and tortured Sendler, trying to make her give up the other Zegota leaders locations. Since
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