Irena Sendler In The Holocaust

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Irena Sendler a Rescuer or Perpetrator? A rescuer is someone who helps people if they are in trouble. During the Holocaust a rescuer is needed to keep the persecuted people alive. The Holocaust was a tremendously terrible period of time when a lot of people in concentration camps are killed. Irena Sendler strongly disliked the Holocaust and was not a fan of it. Irena Sendler the rescuer saved many persecutors from the Holocaust. The persecutors in the Holocaust were saved by the rescuer Irena Sendler. In the holocaust Sendler played the role of a rescuer and ended up saving 2,500 children from the Holocaust in the ovens: “In Warsaw, Sendler became a social worker, overseeing the city’s “canteens,” which provide assistance to people in need, when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, Sendler and her colleages also used the canteens to provide medicine, clothing and other necessities to the citys persecuted Jewish population” (“Irena Sendler”). Sendler saves people and children in need to become a rescuer. In addition to being “Arrested and tortured by the Gestapo in the fall of 1943, she was sentenced to death but Zegota managed to rescue her before she could be executed. She assumed…show more content…
Sendler was in charge of the children’s division of Zegota” (Kroll). Many years later Irena Sendler was remembered for her bravery to save the Jews in Washington State. Furthermore, “Sendler used the old courthouse on the edge of the Warsaw ghetto as one of the main routes of smuggling children out” (Facts about Irena). “My parents taught me”. Sendler wrote back “That if a man is drowning, it is irrelevant what is his religion or nationality. One must help him”
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