Iris Center Case

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In, The Iris Center for Faculty Enhancement, level C, case 1, there are two students, Zach and Patrick, who continue to disrupt the class because of their behavior towards each other. They are completely opposite. Zach is the relatively quiet student and Patrick is the louder of the two. Patrick teases Zach and Zach responds in an inappropriate manner. Their teacher is starting to get frustrated with the behavior between the two boys. Therefore, using some of the ideas from the STAR (Strategies And Resources) Sheet, the teacher will be able to encourage appropriate behavior and the teacher will keep her sanity. I. Introduction It is very important, as teachers, that we guide, correct, and encourage our…show more content…
Therefore, I would first move him closer to the teacher’s desk, just as Zach was moved. Then, we would immediately start with effective rules followed by specific praise. “Powerful rules are clear, easily understood, reasonable, observable, necessary, enforceable, and are positively stated” (Curran, n.d., p. 15). So, for Patrick the teacher will sit him down (away from the class) and together the two of them will talk about and come up with some rules just for him. They will talk about the way people feel when they are trying to listen and cannot hear, because he “calls out during class or gives unrelated or inappropriate information during class discussion when called on,” (Curran, n.d., p. 6) or how Zach and other students feel when he “teases Zach (and other students at times) by name calling” (Curran, n.d., p. 6). The teacher will discuss further if this is the way he would want to be treated. Then, the teacher will implement specific praise. “Praise can be used to build positive relationships with students and assist in creating a supportive classroom environment” (Curran, n.d., p. 7). Most of the time children who treat others the way Patrick is treating others have deeper issues going on. The teacher will start giving Patrick praise for everything that she sees him doing right. She will offer positive reinforcement before lectures to remind him; then give praise for what she sees. Hopefully, after seeing the teacher act this way, Patrick will start doing it
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