Iris Griffen Chase's The Blind Assassin

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The Blind Assassin is the story of the Chase family, more specifically the two Chase sisters, Iris and Laura. The novel begins with news of Laura Chase, Richard Griffen (Iris’s husband), and Aimee Griffen (Iris’s daughter).

As a woman in her eighties, Iris Griffen Chase chronicles her life from when she was born in 1916 to present day in 1999 to inform Sabrina, her estranged granddaughter who was taken by her vengeful sister-in-law, her side of the story.

Point of View:
The novel alternates between two point of views: first person and third person omniscient. Iris Griffen Chase, the narrator, describes the history of the Chase family, her life, and the various events and circumstances that lead to the deaths of her sister, husband, and daughter. In
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In addition, it relates to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings because the novel shows severe discrimination against women and communists and Laura gets molested by an older man. AP Literature Questions:

Recalcitrant (adj.): resisting authority or hard to control
Original Sentence: “Reenie would say - when I was recalcitrant- that I had a hard nature and she knew where I got it from (page 80).”
My Sentence: His parents grew weary of trying to discipline their recalcitrant toddler.
Masticate (v.): to grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth.
Original Sentence: “Mastication was the name for it - not eating (page 186).”
My Sentence: Kurt masticated his slice of cake slowly, with the concentration of a surgeon.
Plutocrat (n.): a person whose wealth is the source of control or great influence
Original Sentence: “She said she had come on her own hook, out of love, because although a capitalist he’d always been a decent man, but now she found he’d turned into heartless plutocrat (page
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