Iris Melanoma Research Paper

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Abstract: Iris Melanoma is nothing but type of eye tumor. Iris is colored part of eye that surrounds pupil. The Melanoma is evil tumor grows and develops in tissues in middle layer of eyeball. Symptoms of Melanoma are dark spots in iris section of eye , change in size as well as shape of pupil, changes in vision. To detect these dark spots the proposed system is developed. This system consist of different techniques from image processing. This paper aims to develop a computerized automatically detects the presence of abnormalities or tumor in iris. Image filtering, image fusion, edge detection, image segmentation are methods used in order to analyze and segment tumor into iris, and mark abnormal part onto normal eye image.

The word 'iris' is generally used to denote the colored portion of the eye. The iris of human eye is globally identified as the better solution for biometric systems with its unique feature and complex pattern. Iris is regarded as an inner organ of human body. However it may be easily observed from exterior. Iris has a very fine structure that contains five layers of fiber like tissue. These tissues are very complex and reveal in various forms. The surface of iris also contain very complex structure such as crystals, thin threads, spot concaves, radials, furrows, stripes
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This paper gives idea about detection system. Fig.(b) gives idea about Proposed work system. Input images ie. normal eye and test image will be collected from available database. Test image is nothing but abnormal eye containing dark spots on iris part. Then preprocessing[3] will be done on both eye images. From abnormal eye input image abnormal part will be segmented. After that, segmented part & normal eye will be fused using image fusion technique. Feature extraction of fused image and normal eye will be take place. Classifier classify that abnormal part according to its features

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