Iris Murdoch's Beliefs In Society: Good And Evil?

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Iris Murdoch not only gives her views on how morality and religion go hand in hand but what makes something morally right or wrong. Jacobus explains Murdoch 's text when he says, “She ends with an interesting discussion of the relationship of two contradictory forces in the universe: good and evil. As she states in a rather paradoxical fashion: ‘Discord is essential to goodness’ (para. 7).” As children we are all taught to make and have opinions on everything that happens in our life. The way we are raised shapes our opinions even if we want to believe it or not but just because a person has an opinion on something does not mean someone who has a different opinion is wrong. Society shapes us differently. Society plays a huge roll in this, society tells us how to act, dress, and even think. The people in society and our opinions tell us if something is good or bad. Good and bad are defined by people. When nobody knows and there is nobody there to judge, then good and bad do not inherently exist. The standards of good or bad are usually socially constructed. That is, people create them with reference to others and what they have said. Good and bad…show more content…
A big issue today is spanking a child as a form of punishment, society says this is very wrong and many bad things can lead from it. Many families are against it because it in increases the risk that kids will develop emotional and behavioral problems. Everyone believes that how you treat your child at a young age significantly affects their behavior. Parents do it this though because they see a quick change in the child’s behavior. Society sees spanking as a form of abuse and that it is bad. Instead of just spanking a child, parents should look at reasons that are more acceptable by society or giving positive rewards when the child does something
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