Irish And African American Immigrants

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The development of America brought the introduction to new ideas, experiences and different cultures coming together. Both non-European and European groups of people traveled and settled into this new world to find new land to conquer or find salvation. Many of these groups faced hardships coming into this new world, as they soon learned their differences would define them. The British would be deemed superior to their religion, ethics, and skin color would dominate the perception of the “true” American. The Irish and African Americans were two groups that came to America in hopes for better opportunities and a life they could build without hardship. They, however, both face great difficulties achieving this, as their old and new identities became their entire being in this new land. The Irish and African American Immigrants both shared similar experiences of prejudice and oppression at the hands of the dominant British. However, they both found separate American identities in the new world that would turn them against one another to be in higher standing. This struggle to be accepted and find a place in the new world would shape the definition of becoming an American. Although they were European, the Irish immigrants in America struggled to be accepted by the people of the new world. In Ireland, the British kicked out and enslaved the Irish making life to be beyond difficult. Coming to America was perceived as a hope for a new beginning, but it was only met with old and
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