Irish Brigade Flags

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Dress and Flags of the Union Irish Brigade Regiments vs. Ours
There were three main variations of the Irish Brigade uniforms. The Long coat, medium coat, and short coat looks but most common were the short coats. Most Irish Brigade Regiments had a very simple uniform. They used the common union colors, different hues of blues and brown accents. The uniform worn by the Irish Brigade was composed of blue trousers/pants and a navy jacket strapped together with a fat Sam Browne belt with a big golden buckle, all topped off with a navy kepi cap, and standing on two brown or black shoes.
Rather than exactly replicating the Irish Brigade regiment uniform, we decided to have a dress code coordinated by colors. We chose to wear black pants with a navy top to incorporate the element of the blue colors from the Irish Brigade uniforms.
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They all included at least one element of the eagle, shamrocks, a harp, or a sunburst sky. The eagle represented the loyalty to the USA. The shamrocks represent faith, hope, love, and luck ( they also support the old Irish legend that St. Patrick used the three leafed clover as a representation for the doctrine of the Trinity). The Harp because its is the national emblem of Ireland. In addition most flags had two red, gold bordered ribbons. The top one had the Regiment number and was followed by Reg ' Irish Brigade. And the bottom one had the Irish text Riamh Nar Dhruid O Spairn lann which in english translates to "Who never retreated from the clash of spears". The most common Irish Brigade flag was the green flag with a golden harp sandwiched between a sunburst sky and a shamrock
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