Ireland Identity Speech

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Hey guys! I would like to thank you for being here on this special occasion to explore what makes up Ireland’s national identity. From our pride to our intense destructive drinking culture; the passion we have for music and to a forward thinking nation ; we have a special identity that other cultures just do not have. It seems to me that our natural identity is indeed, what makes up our character.

We the Irish are renowned for the pride behind our sporting teams and our high spirits. The riveting game of GAA is a big part of Irish culture, teams compete in an eager attempt to be crowned All - Ireland champions. If you have ever seen a GAA game, absolutely you will agree with me, that at times both teams can be at war, however, when the game is over the mutual respect between players of opposing teams is truly remarkable. It is fair to
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The youth are not bound to the stringent, Puritan way of life that once existed and are now embracing their freedom. The people of Ireland can be described as a forward thinking nation and indeed it define’s our distinctive national identity. We are not afraid of change and are willing to do whats best for the future. Last year Ireland was the first country to support equality. I can safely say other countries were not on the same page as us when we supported equality, and I'm sure you all agree. Post Brexit Ireland is looking forward while Britain is looking back, which demonstrates how optimistic thinking is a part of our national identity.
Ireland in my eyes, is a forward thinking nation!

Ireland is the place of intrigue, because of the people and our love for our land. It is what unifies us as a nation and separates us from our European counterparts. We must continue to keep our traditions and values alive so Ireland can continue to be great.
It is truly all that is left and yet, I believe it is all that we
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