Irish Immigration Themes

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Throughout all of the presentations, different themes shined through from the struggles and tribulations of the eighteen hundreds. Within three topics: Nat Turner, Irish Immigration, and Women 's rights, one main theme stood out above them all, independence. Independence which can be defined as “freedom from the control”, is the main basis of these presentations. As proven by all in the time period, all these people wanted and needed to survive was freedom from the controlling and dream crushing dictators around them. This independence was desired whether, they were starving irishmen, jaded black men, abused women. The Irish who were driven out of their own homes by famine were not fed by their own government. The Irish who were unable…show more content…
Thought of as dumb and retarted women were also disrespected and still are. At the time they were discriminated against for many reasons between gender inequality to straight up abuse based off of ignorance. One striking source of abuse was that they were disrespected because of their views against slavery. This among many other things is ignorant and was based off of anger towards the blacks which led to anger towards anyone who was willing to stand up for them. Although women disagreed with slavery, they did not stand up as much as would have been helpful for the time and often sat back and stayed in there places. This method which was useful to an extent at keeping them safer, did not solve anything and proved the stereotype which is often used to define women. The stereotype of weakness and instability. Women at the time just wanted to speak their minds though, but did not know how to achieve this goal which led to their forever desire for independence. Women still now believe in a general sense that we are not free or independent, literally we are, but we are still constantly ostracized as well as discriminated against for the dumbest reasons. Still reaching for this goal all we want or ever wanted was independence which is why back then women were lashing out, or even just staying in their place so too not get in trouble with their controlling husbands. This example of the discrimination of women once again shows the independence desired of all who cannot have it, whether it would be women, blacks or
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