Irish Step Dancing Analysis

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I attended a Nashville Irish Stepdancers performance at the Texas Troubadour Theater. The theater was in the middle of a strip mall in Orpy Mills. The inside was setup with pews and had a very medieval essence. The performance was to be a celebration of the Irish culture and include the vibrant spirit of the heritage. In the program, the choreographer and founder of the Nashville Irish Step Dancers, Mary Moran, said that the show not only highlights traditional pieces, such as the jig and treble reel, but also explores more progressive styles of Irish dance and music.
Mary was trying to convey a fresh twist on Irish dancing by including modern hits such as I Gotta Feelin’ and the 2010 Fifa World Cup anthem, Waka Waka. The other music played was very Irish influenced and were Irish step dancing classics. The costumes alternated between pieces, sometimes they were
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I have never been very fond nor familiar with Irish Step Dancing, so this was a totally different ball park for me but I found it very entertaining at time. That being said, I would say that the performance could have been a lot better. Many of the dances were very repetitive. For example, in the first half, there were 3 hip hop inspired pieces and they all had very similar moves. In the second half, there were many traditional pieces that just showcased the same movements over and over. The performance was overall very long and drawn out. It could have done without a couple of the hip hop numbers and more traditional pieces. There was also a band that played a song between each dance number which made the show even more extensive. Going to this performance though, did open my eyes to a different type of dance and made me understand Irish Step Dancing a little better. I know appreciate the culture and their artistry a lot more and am interested in exploring it and maybe experiencing it again in
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