Informative Essay On Irish Wolfhound

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As the tallest canine breed in existence, the Irish Wolfhound presents an imposing figure. However, underneath that striking physical figure is a soft and gentle creature who loves spending time around people and receiving affection. These dogs have a ruthless history, filled with bloody battles and incredible hunts for ferocious creatures like bears and wolves. Nowadays though, the Irish Wolfhound is considered to be a gentle giant. These dogs are docile and sensitive, always eager to please their owners and meet new people. They can make friends with anyone and simply love to cuddle up with a close friend and fall asleep. The size of these dogs cannot be underestimated. An Irish Wolfhound can stand up on its hind legs and easily reach the height of a full-grown man. This enormous size is enough to put some people off the breed, but Irish Wolfhounds present no threat to their friends and owners whatsoever. These dogs…show more content…
Irish Wolfhounds still have the physical presence of their ancestors but have adapted to become docile family companions, rather than the ruthless fighters of times gone by. That’s not to say that these dogs won’t be prepared to fight if needed. They can’t be relied upon as guard or watch dogs, but will defend themselves and the people closest to them from any imminent danger. Nowadays, as well as making excellent and friendly family pets, one can find Irish Wolfhounds being involved in obedience events. They may also be used for tracking, but remain relatively rare, especially outside of their Irish homeland. In Ireland, this breed is commonly regarded as a national icon but hasn’t been afforded any particular status or title as of yet. Interestingly, however, the nation’s rugby organizations decided to honor the breed by giving the nickname of the “Wolfhounds” to the Irish league and union national
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