Iron Carbide Phase Diagram Essay

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Mathematical Exploration:
Constructing the Iron-Carbide phase diagram using Gibbs Free energy curves

The first time I heard of the term “phase diagram” was on an online post about the 911 attacks.

In 2005, the first installment of the Loose Change film series (series of films which argued in favor of conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11th attacks) was released. The movie suggested that the United States government itself orchestrated the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that the burning fuel from crashed planes would not have been able to melt the supporting beams of the World Trade Center – and this is the origin of the assertion “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” that was once viral.
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His idea was, that after the planes impacted the WTC towers, tons of molten metal ran down into the floors below the impact sites, causing chemical reactions that boosted the temperatures of the already hot explosion. Although this theory was accepted by some of the crowd, many articles still address the 911 incident not as a result of the explosion and heat from the jet fuel, but as somewhat of a conspiracy.

The online blog post about this incident really sparked my interest. Someone sketched out the carbon phase diagram in attempt to explain how the change in temperature affected the steel beams.

Rationale, aim, and purpose of this exploration
The discussion made by the theorists posed the question of how accurate and relevant information is on and offline, and how we as citizens of the world, manage to identify statements made by others that are unacceptable - this is where I became interested into graphs and data and started to look up more information regarding phase diagrams. Not everyone has sufficient knowledge in all fields; therefore “experts” on media platforms can easily fool
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