Role Of Iron In Spinach

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Iron is one of the types of minerals required by the body. The role of iron is as important as the type of mineral or vitamin that your body needs to perform the process of growth. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiencies experienced by children and pregnant women, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Iron deficiency due to imbalance of daily intake consumed to the amount needed can cause anemia and some symptoms such as fatigue, and may cause a baby born prematurely on pregnant women.

Daily iron intake that must be met by women 19 to 50 years of age is 18 milligrams, and 27 milligrams for pregnant women. While the men are as much as 16-18 milligrams.

The Type And Source of Iron

Basically there are
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Vitamin A and vitamin C in spinach is very useful to prevent the growth of cancer cells and protects the body from free radical attack.
Potassium content found in spinach is very rewarding to help control function and heart rate, regulating blood pressure and prevent the process damages the enzymes.
3. Potatoes (1.9 mg/50 grams)

The potatoes we often of sport in a wide variety of dishes such as soup mix or other dishes. In other countries the potato can be a staple food because it has an excellent nutritional content for the body. The following benefits of potatoes for a healthy body.
Potatoes contain vitamin B6 can alleviate a wide variety of risks due to heart disease and other degenerative disorders.
The content of vitamin C in the potatoes very well to prevent various diseases due to the weakening of the immune system and infections viruses or bacteria. The potatoes were very good to support dental health, bones, skin tissue and also indigestion.
The content of iron in the potatoes very well to keep the red blood production process and preserve the health of the body.
4. Bit (1.6 mg/100
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Beets contain betain which serves to overcome depression and gastric diseases.
5. Pumpkin (1.4 mg/100 grams)

A lot of people who don't like the pumpkin because it feels less tasty. But pumpkin basically have various types of nutrients that are desperately needed by the body. Pumpkins can be formed into a wide variety of processed in accordance with fondness. The flesh of the pumpkins contains lots of fiber and soft texture. In addition the pumpkin can also make the stomach feel full effects in the longer periods of time. The following are the benefits of consuming a pumpkin.
Pumpkins contain a variety of fiber that is very high so it is very good for helping the digestive process in the body.
Pumpkins also contain iron which is beneficial for supporting the immune system and the production of red blood cells.
Pumpkins contain vitamin A, so it is very good for maintaining eye health. In addition the pumpkin can also be helpful to prevent the risk of cancer of the lungs.
6. Broccoli (1 mg/156

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