Iron Man And Beowulf

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History has a tendency to repeat itself through actions and moments. This is evident when comparing two epic heroes: Iron Man and Beowulf. Like Beowulf, Iron Man demonstrates many of the qualities of an Anglo Saxon epic hero such as courage, strength, and arrogance. Even when read the definition of a hero: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities.
The first quality they share is courage. The two heroes demonstrate their courage in a different way. Beowulf is a hero with a lot of courage because he fights without weapons. He does not believe in using weapons to kill people. Beowulf is described as: “Dripped with his enemies blood”. Iron Man has a lot of courage because he defends his country without any obligations. Iron Man said: “I still love my country, Nick and I fight for it… in my own way” (Iron Man). He fights with his intelligence, not his muscles. They are considered as heroes because they are so courageous. They do not need an army to fight off the enemy. They do not wait for someone else to help them. They fight alone and risk their own life.
The second quality they share is strength. Even though they can lose some battles, both of them show the quality of being strong. They fight the enemy no matter how many of them are, or how big it is. Iron Man is the one who destroys all the robots that are just like him, and Beowulf kills Grendel, the giant monster. Even though Iron Man is not physically
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