Iron Oxide Research Paper

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Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Drug Complexes for Cancer Treatment

Nanomaterials with their superior capabilities and efficacy are being increasingly important. Very recently efforts are being done for their application in cancer treatment. Here we investigate the anticancer activity of iron oxide nanoparticles. These nanoparticles can be used as a drug carrier system for water-insoluble drugs which may be used for diagnostic purposes. Their biocompatibility, easy synthesis methods and non toxic nature make them suitable for the purpose. iron oxide is most excellent material due to its unique optical and magnetic properties^[1]. That is why its mostly use for anti-tumour drugs delivery system and thermal therapy of thermal therapy localized heating inside the tumor cells
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This helps in stabalization of target. Iron oxide has intrinsic physical properties and its ability to target specific locations, thereby minimizing several size effects. Iron oxide guide to target sites by means if external magnetic fields, by heating its provide hyperthermia for cancer therapy and also it degarade into nontoxic iron oxide. The main issue with inorganic nano particles that there imaging and therapy have high risk of toxicity. But sonehow iron oxide nanoparticles do nnot have toxicity at there long term residence in body. Iron oxide biodigradability is highly beneficial for therapies. Therefore anticancer drugs contains magnetic fliuds like iron oxide. However this system more effective when there will be high strength of magnetic field that is necessary to control the residence time if nanoparticles on target sites. Although anti biofouling polymer coated thermally crosslinked ironixide nanoparticles has noval MRI contrast agent. This coated polymer layer allow particles to accumulate propertly on tumor. A doxorubician drug could be embadded in polymer matrix of thermally crosslinked

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