Iron Thunder Summary

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Iron Thunder By Avi Tom Carroll is a thirteen year old boy from Brooklyn. He lost his father in the Civil War. Now he live with him mother. His mother is becoming old and can’t take care of the family anymore. So Tom decides to find a job. During the Civil War jobs were hard to find. Tom looked all over the city for a job. After looking everywhere he finally wanders into the Brooklyn Shipping Yard. Once he enters he immediately starts hearing a lot of rattle. Men were pounding on iron with huge hammers. He approached a worker and asked him if they need someone. The worker looked at Tom and told him he wasn’t fit enough to work for them. Tom gave up and walked away. As he walked another worker yelled out to stop him. The worker approached Tom …show more content…

They think the ship is a disaster waiting to hit water. After a long time the Monitor was finally complete. Captain Ericsson decided to test the ship in the East River. The first time the ship hit the water everyone held their breath. The ship moved around in the waves but did not sink. The crew tested out the turrets. They found some holes that were easily fixable. Other than the holes in the turret the Monitor seemed to be a success. Tom and the crew sailed back to Brooklyn to fix the damages. After the ship was fixed Captain Ericsson decided it was time to face the Merrimac. The Monitor began it’s journey toward Hampton Road, Virginia. On way to Virginian, the ironclad comes face to face with a storm. Tom and everyone aboard was terrified. They weren’t sure if the Monitor could take this much beating. The Monitor proved them wrong. It out muscled the storm and reached its destination. The Monitor saw the Merrimac destroy the other two Union ships the Congress and The Columbia. After the Merrimac took out the final Union ship, the Minnesota, the Monitor got ready to battle. The Merrimac hit the first blow. It hit the Monitor preety hard. The shooken up crew regained themselves and counter attacked. The hit damaged one

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