Ironman Character Analysis

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In the Novel Ironman by Chris Crutcher, there are two characters, Beauregard “Bo” Brewster and his girlfriend Shelly. Bo is the protagonist of the story. Bo and Shelly have a lot of similarities, and a lot of differences. Some of their similarities caused them to even meet each other in the first place. They have both went through plenty of hardships caused by a number of bad people throughout their lives. One thing they have in common is that they both had to struggle in the past. Bo has been mistreated by his father, and Shelly has had problems with abuse from her family members and being sent away from home. These problems are pretty different though. Shelly had been physically assaulted by her father. Another character named Elvis in the…show more content…
He is a coach and a Language Arts teacher. Redmond had not allowed Shelly on the basketball team because she was too aggressive. Shelly’s caseworker, Jim Avery, helped Shelly by going up against Redmond. He tried to get Redmond to reconsider politely at first, but Redmond wasn’t going to allow this. While Shelly was describing this to Bo, she said: “Redmond said that after he saw how willing I was to mix it up, he had requested my records and decided he couldn’t afford to have someone poisoning the team’s morale…” (140) This made her have an emotional break down, steal her mother’s car, and drive one hundred miles an hour down the freeway before it flipped over and rolled off the road. Redmond antagonized Bo about his name and because he quit the football team. Redmond put him in anger management which in the end was really a good thing, but Bo didn’t really see this as a good thing in the beginning. This is where he met Shelly. Redmond was even contacting Bo’s father, and they were conspiring together. Bo’s father didn’t like that Bo had quit the football team. He quit by choice, while Shelly hadn’t been able to join. Both Bo and Shelly had struggled because of the acts of Keith
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