Irony In Crash, By George Zimmerman

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Irony as I define it is when an event is the complete opposite of the result that the average individual would assume. Crash proved to me that race is an ironic subject that is expressed through examples such as a Caucasian woman who is part of the majority being afraid of the African American male who is part of the minority. In Crash we start off in the first five minutes with finding out just how the producers plan on conveying their argument. A white woman and her husband are walking on the sidewalk, in the distance two African Americans notice as she goes to hold her husband when acknowledging the pair coming her way. The couple proceeds to cross the street and just as the woman believes her fears were unjustified, the two men pull guns on her and her husband thus evoking a scene of chaos as the two black men steal their vehicle. There was irony in this situation because the woman was afraid of the minority in this situation when she herself…show more content…
For those of you who do not know Martin was an African American male who was killed by George Zimmerman who was of mixed race. This case threw the entire country into an uproar because Zimmerman seemed to be the aggressor in this case however people disputed on this because Zimmerman had a broken nose after confronting Martin. In the end Zimmerman was not acquitted which only made the anger over what was deemed a “hate crime” even greater. Race is ironic in this big case in that Zimmerman shot and killed Martin who was unarmed after saying he was scared, yet Zimmerman was the one who was armed and actively pursued Martin after being told my his dispatcher to end the pursuit. I would like to see the Zimmerman case examined in the same way that the Orbe and Kinefuchi (2008) article examined Crash because just like the nation I am sure that the opinions and points of discussion in this case would vary
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